Feeling antsy?

How are you holding up?

All this social distancing has affected each of us in different ways. For me, it’s a little like the time I was learning the HeartMath Stop Emotional Eating program to teach to clients … I’d been in control of my own emotional eating for years. But as soon as I was told I couldn’t do it, I started craving Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, (NY Super Fudge Chunk or Coffee Heath Bar Crunch are my favorites, but sometimes Chubby Hubby when I’m feeling super indulgent. Or mmmm, they used to have Creme Brulee. Yum!)

But I digress …

My point is that my ordinary life is rather socially distant … I work from home, see my family, and have friends I occasionally talk to on the phone or via text or even more rarely see in person. (I know … it’s my introverted side. It’s an area I’m working to change.) But now that we’re all supposed to social distance, I find myself wanting to talk to other people every day! (So I’ve been reaching out to friends all over the place.) I know that’s a normal response to crisis … to want to reach out and connect and make sure everyone else is okay.

But I also found myself standing in front of the refrigerator much more frequently than usual. And THAT I know is not the same as reaching out to friends. So I used my tools.

I’ve heard from other contacts that urges like impulse shopping (on-line,) or emotionally eating, or binge whatevering are suddenly omnipresent.

There’s nothing wrong with that of course. Unless you really can’t control yourself when you want to.

The program I created for this time —Transform Stress and Anxiety in the Midst of Chaos— works for those other emotional responses as well. And it will help you keep your temper with your family now that you are all quarantined together.

If none of this is a struggle for you, good for you! Please consider forwarding this blog to friends who might be struggling.

Micky swimming in Lake Crescent 03.22.20

PS) I got a chance to get to the lake yesterday. My partner and I care for a home near my mom’s. Mom and I were shouting to one another across the water from separate docks until I remembered we could use our phones. So I called her and we chatted across several hundred feet of water. I love technology. Imagine what boat we’d all be in now without it!

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