Poor Mick!

This past week has been more stressful than usual. Last Saturday started out like an ordinary “quarantime” day. I finished my coffee & headed up the hill behind the property with the dogs for our morning hike.

Of course, they got into the muddiest of puddles on the way back down, so I got out the hose to clean them off before they could go in the house. Blue was first … it’s always easy to see the mud on him! Then I turned the hose on Mick … as I started spraying his chest, I noticed a big stick stuck in his fur. Hmm, I mused. How’d a stick that big get tangled in your fur? I reached out to gently disentangle it, then realized it wasn’t stuck in his fur, it was impaled in his chest!!!  Of course, my initial instinct was to get it out, but I was afraid it was plugging a hole in his heart or lungs.

I ran in the house hollering for Justin to come help me & then we called the vet. Of course, since it was a Saturday, our usual vet wasn’t available & we had to call the emergency vet. (This has been the case every single time our dogs have needed emergency help.) 

Three hours & $500 later, we were able to take Mick home. They had to slice the stick out because it had barbs in one end, but at least it didn’t poke into any vital organs or arteries!! I should also add –for history’s sake– that all human interactions at the vet took place outdoors, and everyone wore masks.

Today he got the stent out –again all human interactions were outdoors– and the stitches will come out in another ten days.

The hardest part now is keeping him still. He wants to go leaping about at high speeds chasing after Blue again, but he’s only allowed outside on a short leash to go to the bathroom.

We will continue to keep him clean and still until the stitches come out at the end of next week.

I am so grateful the stick didn’t puncture arteries or organs!

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